Spiritual:  To teach truth from a biblical perspective, introducing foundational Bible concepts.

Emotional:  To assist each child in the discovery of and appropriate expression of emotions while building strong relationships with each child and their family.

Cognitive:  To offer academic learning opportunities that include Bible stories, math and reading readiness, science, and music.

Social:  To aid each child in the development of a biblical self-concept, a concern for others, and an appreciation for the world.

Physical:  To provide a variety of activities and equipment to aid age-appropriate small and large motore development.


       Individual small group and large group activities centered around Bible-based thoughts and concepts are presented to help the child explore his interests and foster his physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional development.  Creation Corner usese a Bible-based curriculum (WEE Learn, LifeWay Publishing), and teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities within each developmental domain.


       Preschooleres learn through their senses, repetition, work or play, success experiences, relationships and imitation.  At Creation Corner, teachers tap into the natural abilities of preschoolers by teaching through activity centers.  Boys and girls are given opportunities to learn through group time, pictures, songs, books, blocks, dramatic play experiences, nature materials, art experiences, puzzles, and manipulatives.  Math, problem solving, and language skills are woven into the day's activities.  Children are free to choose activities that interest them and are encouraged to try all activities.


       To provide the best learning environment, Creation Corner meets or exceeds the Illinois' state guidelines.  Maximum enrollment is determined by the size of the classroom and varies by the age of the children.  Class sizes are as follows (state guidelines in parenthesis):

Toddler classes are limited to 10 children and 2 teachers (5:1).

All 2-3 year-old classes are limited to 12 children with 2 teachers (8:1).

All 4-5 year-old classes are limited to 16 children with two teachers (10:1).


       In addition to classroom experiences with music, Creation Corner offers music classes that focus on group participation, movement, and rhythm.  The music classes are structured to support each month's curriculum focus.  Older children travel to a music room, and the music teachers travels to younger classes.  In addition to music, children will learn through our hands-on Science and Discovery programs. 


       Outdoor play is an important part of our curriculum.  Parents are expected to provide the appropriate clothing for weather conditions to ensure the child's comfort and protection.  In inclement weather, children will remain indoors.  Older classes use Kids Life Center and a designated play room.  Younger classes use an indoor play area for large motor development.  Both areas contain appropriate large motor equipment.


       Student assessments will be completed and sent home in early spring.  Assessment will be based on the identified benchmark learning goals listed in the parent handbook.  Parents may discuss their child's progress at any point.  Teachers will be available for conferences in the fall and spring.


       If Creation Corner receives a grant to provide visual/hearing screenings for preschool students then they will be screened to assess visual and hearing development.  Parents will be notified of the screening date and will receive direct information regarding potential delays or difficulties in either of these areas.


       Parents receive a monthly newsletter regarding administrative details, special activities, and upcoming events.  Parents will also receive a weekly curriculum-based newsletter.

       Parents receive an information packet in late summer providing all classroom and administrative information for the coming year.  Classroom assignments, payment options and general policies will be included in the packet.